Environmentally Clean Air Conditioning

save money. save the planet. same cooling.


Starting as a simple conversation between two friends discussing some difficult problems.

1. "What if the world wants air conditioning?"

2. "If they do, how would we deal with the negative

     environmental effect of man-made refrigerants?"

3. "Is there a solution to this issue?"

Then after finding no clear answers

Atmosphyr was formed.


Our vision is a world where every person has access to clean air conditioning that does not damage the environment.


A/C isn’t a luxury now, it’s a necessity.


Not only used for cooling people, but our food, countless industries, the obvious medical benefits, and even cooling servers that provide the internet.  


We are producing an energy neutral air conditioning system by utilizing the wasted kinetic and thermal energy that current systems produce.


Additionally providing a refrigerant base from the atmosphere itself that is plentiful, has no recycling cost, and environmentally clean.