I don't like to write about myself, as I feel it places me in a cage that I must break from. A renegade spirit of sorts. A man of many paths, twists and turns along tributaries less traveled. In some cases traveling while never leaving my seat. My writing is a simple gaze into the beyond inside my mind, as I deal with the mundane daily rituals we all face.

Blue collar man of many lives, born a hardscrabble son of a convict. Single mother doing what she could. My southern playground was amongst bikers, ne'erdowells, and racists. Salt of the earth people with some ugly truths. Where I learned to navigate my own path to seek truth and understanding.

Born in Florida, and taken anywhere food stamps were accepted. And many thanks to Toys for Tots for giving me a glimpse of childhood.


In truth under my skin is a tower of cinders, a black and craggy scar laden soul. My hope is that these books make you think about life or about the lives of others and their struggles.

Be kind, be safe, be human.

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I was born in Daytona Beach Florida. Growing up in low income and crime laden areas run by warring outlaw motorcycle gangs. Raised and educated principally by seeing the inner workings of this societal underbelly. Though My single mother tried to shelter me as best she could.

Never going to college, although I tried several times, but found myself taking on the financial obligations to help ease the burden of poverty for my mother and much younger brother.

I have always taken a disciplined approach to self-education on many subjects in the vein of who I was named after. Primarily my Grandfather, Great-Great Grandfather, and an early ancestor that arrived in America in 1683. Education was always a given in my family, full of pantologists...or jack-of-all-trades as it is commonly known. Tinkering proficiency was a badge of honor, taking things and finding ways to make them better. Improving efficiency, finding extra uses for something, or just building something better from scratch.

My life long obsession with learning has led me down several career paths. From aviation, construction, eCommerce/tech, environmental entrepreneurship, and now writing.

Having traveled extensively across the USA, I also worked in Mexico and Canada. Traveling to Europe, South America, and the Caribbean as well. Currently I reside in Las Vegas Nevada, working on Atmosphyr, my environment-friendly alternative effort to end the use of man made refrigerants used in Air-conditioning, refrigeration, and cold chain supply.


Operated an airship and logistics team nationally. Events included: National Football League (NFL), Professional Golf Association (PGA), Major League Baseball (MLB), National College Athletic Association (NCAA), National Basketball Association (NBA), and NASCAR. Clientele included; Anheiser-Busch, Met Life, General Motors, Ford-Lincoln-Mercury, Sony Pictures, Liberty Mutual, HP Hood, Monster.com, SANYO Electronics, Blockbuster Video and BlueCross BlueShield. Partnered under security clearance with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Homeland Security, along with multiple state and local law enforcement.

A central point of contact between the pilot and the ground crew during flight operations is necessary for consistency in performance. The airships’ Crew Chief fills that need. The Crew Chief directs the Ground Crew in safe and acceptable preparation of takeoffs, landings, ground handling and masting operations. The Crew Chief maintains and administers schedules for ground operations and personnel such as daily work activities, pressure watches, refueling and general maintenance as necessary, to accommodate the public relations and operational needs of the airship


Overseeing construction projects in Las Vegas Nevada, Raleigh North Carolina, and Jacksonville Florida. Controlling the time, costs, and quality of construction projects. Planning and coordinating all aspects of the construction process to include: civil, municipalities, contractors, engineers, architects and vendors. Executed multi-million dollar commercial/residential high-rise repair and remediation project. Reconstruction/re-design of all pre-existing structures while developing contracts/scopes with new and former vendors post-estoppel; including the re-structuring of insurance requirements due to the nature of the project.


Founded by Owen D. Hill | Atmosphyr is a sustainability start-up with a Cold Chain solution focusing on the elimination of engineered refrigerants that generate 25% of the global impact towards climate change. This includes all refrigeration and air conditioning applications in the medical, industrial, commercial, and residential spaces. Starting as a simple conversation between two friends in the construction industry. We asked ourselves "What if the world wants air conditioning?" "If they do, how do we deal with that impact?" and "I wonder if there are any alternative solutions out there?" We found no real answers, so Atmosphyr was formed. The vision is a world where everyone has access to air conditioning, preserved food, and vaccinations from a cold chain that doesn't damage the environment. A/C and refrigeration is not a luxury now, it is a necessity in the modern world. Not only used for cooling people, but our food transport and storage, vaccination manufacturing, and even keeping the server farms cool that provide us the internet. Additional resources: Project Drawdown: Ranked #1 issue contributing to climate change Emissions and supply of flourinated greenhouse gases in Europe - EEA What small businesses can do about climate change - Yale Climate Accelerated Life Methods for Understanding Refrigerant Chemical Stability - Purdue


Currently having published two books of poetry with the first title Be kind Be safe Be human and the follow up CINDERS. Both available on Amazon. Currently I am working on a third poetry collection. Continuing on with a new writing venture, trying my hand as a first time screenwriting effort. Screenplay logline for those interested: A Revolutionary War Captain Indian fighter along with the slave he has freed, scramble across the frontier to save their children from being scalped for the Hair-Buyer General. (Based on a true story)